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Ear Wax Softener

Ear wax is unsightly, and when built up within the ear canal can cause a range of problems, from blocked ears through to painful ear infections. While ear wax does perform an important function, some of us are unlucky enough to produce more ear wax than needed. If wax builds up to the point where

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Hearing Aids & Ear Wax Build Up & Impaction

*Always check with your hearing aid manufacturer and audiologist for how to correctly care for your hearing aid – these are general guidelines only* People who wear hearing aids are at a higher risk for ear wax impaction, which can lead to a change in hearing aid performance. When placed in the ear, hearing aids

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St.LukesHealth Ear Wax Removal & Cleaning Rebates – Earworx

Earworx is proud to announce that patients can now receive a health insurance rebate for our services if they are insured by St.LukesHealth. This means that you can have your earwax removed safely, effectively and pain-free at our exclusive Hobart clinic, with a reduced out of pocket cost. It opens the door for those with

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