Ear Cleaning

The ears have a migrating skin layer that moves wax out of the ear canal. In some instances, the ear wax may not efficiently exit the ear canal and can cause wax blockages and symptoms of a blocked ear.
Various at home methods can be ineffective and on occasion can cause trauma to the ear canal and ear drum. Ear candles, cotton tips, tweezers amongst other at home remedies can push the wax further into the ear canal where it can become impacted.

Earwax softening drops can be a beneficial at home remedy (if you do not have a hole in your ear drum) which can allow a gap to form between the wax and provide some symptom relief. Microsuction and curettage by a professional at Earworx is a safe and effective option for removing stubborn ear wax.

EarWorx cleaning ear


Micro-suction is a gentle, safe and effective method used by the Registered Nurses at Earworx. It involves using a small vacuum like suction to remove earwax.
At Earworx, a consultation runs as follows:

  • A Registered Nurse will ask about your ear history, as well as any symptoms you have experienced.
  • Your ear canal and ear drum will be checked by the nurse using a speculum and loupes (binocular lenses, with light and magnification). If there is enough wax to warrant the micro-suction procedure, wax removal with be recommended. The procedure will be explained in detail, and you will be offered an opportunity to ask any questions.
  • Small instruments like forceps and curettes may be used to remove blockages, with the help of gentle micro-suction.

Ear Curette

An ear curette is a tool used to gently scrape out impacted ear wax and break up any blockages. A curette should only be used by a trained professional – inappropriate use can damage the walls of your ear or push wax down further and cause more issues. If necessary, a curette will be used in conjunction with other ear removal methods such as softening drops or micro-suction.

Alternative Methods

There are numerous home remedies to assist in cleaning ear wax impaction. Some of these remedies include the use of softening drops, flushing the ears with warm water, ear candles and the use of cotton buds or other implements in the ear. There are very few methods that are safe to use at home, softening drops being one safe way to create a gap between the wax to provide symptom relief. People with ear drum perforations (hole in the ear drum) are not to use softening drops. Using cotton buds or ear candles may cause damage and trauma to your eardrums and ear canals. When in doubt, it is always best to speak with a health professional.


Approximately 1 in 10 children suffer from wax impaction. To clean the outside of your child’s ear, use a face washer or soft cloth. Do not use cotton buds within the ear canal as you can push wax further down, which may worsen symptoms. If your child complains of a blocked ear following swimming or showering, it may be due to water becoming trapped in the ear. Have your child tilt their head to drain the water out, wipe away what you can, and then try a hairdryer on low heat to dry the ears. If the feeling of blockage does not resolve, your child may have wax build up within the ear itself.


At Earworx, we recommend the assistance of our professional Registered Nurses when struggling with excessive earwax. Typically, the ear is self-cleaning and it is best to avoid cleaning the inside of your ear canal using devices such as cotton buds and ear candles. Instead, clean the outside of your ear once the self-cleaning process has completed and expelled old ear wax. In certain instances, the ear may not do this job effectively. It is best to see your Earworx nurse for a consultation.

Earwax Softening Drops

In some instances, using earwax softening drops can help soften the wax, resulting in the usual self-cleaning method working to move the wax out of the ear canal.

While this method is perfectly safe, it’s not suitable for all ears. If the ear drum is perforated, or if you’ve had ear surgery, you should seek advice prior to using drops.

Why Choose Earworx?

Earworx are Australia’s ear wax cleaning professionals. We provide ear wax cleaning services as our profession. All our practitioners are Registered Nurses who have been trained in the use of our premium micro suction technique. We are experienced professionals dedicated to improving the ear health with many branches throughout the country and more locations popping up every day.

More Information

If you have questions or concerns about cleaning your ears, feel free to contact the friendly Earworx team. We are more than happy to help answer your questions and to assist you in relieving your ears of uncomfortable, wax-related symptoms.

To book an appointment, please contact the closest clinic to you.