Ear Wax

Want to know more about ear wax and when to get your ears cleaned?

Just like the shape and size of your ears, ear wax can look and feel different for each person.

Some people are more prone to excessive wax build up whilst others go throughout life without any ear issues at all.

Even If you don’t have any concerns with ear wax right now, it’s important to know what to look out for just in case you run into issues in the future.

What is Ear Wax?

Cerumen, more commonly known as ear wax, plays a very important role in maintaining the health of your ears. 

It essentially acts as your ear’s first line of defence; creating a protective barrier that catches dust and other foreign particles before they can make their way into your ear canal. 

ear examination

Impressively, your ear is entirely self-cleaning. There is rarely ever a need to manually clean the inside of your ears. Wiping away the wax that makes its way into the outer ear should be suffice in most cases.

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Ear Wax Colour

The colour and quality of your ear wax can be indicative of the ear’s overall health. Soft and yellow ear wax suggests a healthy ear that is producing wax as normal. If your ear wax is darker and firmer this means that it may be older wax that has taken longer to move throughout your ear and could be a sign of an impaction. Blood-tinged ear wax may indicate some sort of injury or trauma inside the canal. This may occur after the use of at-home ear wax removal techniques.

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Ear Wax Types

There are two common types of ear wax: wet or dry. The type that you have is based on genetics. In fact, where you’re from in the world can indicate which type of wax you’re more likely to have. People from Asia and Native Americans often have dry, grey and flaky ear wax. In comparison, people from Africa and Europe are more likely to have wet, brown coloured wax. Ear wax impaction can occur with any type.

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Impacted Ear Wax

Impacted ear wax occurs when there is an excess amount of wax within the ear canal. The more this ear wax builds up, the more likely you are to experience symptoms that indicate impacted ear wax. These symptoms include an earache, hearing loss, a feeling of fullness or even infection.

While the ear should be able to clean itself, when there is an overproduction of wax that is building more quickly than the ear is cleaning itself, impaction can occur. In order to relieve the symptoms, you may need the assistance of a professional ear cleaning service. Attempting to clean your ears yourself may worsen the symptoms and can cause damage to your ears.

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Why Choose Earworx?

When it comes to dealing with ear wax, trust an Earworx Registered Nurse. We are professionals in ear wax removal. Our highly trained, professional Registered Nurses know how to give your ears the care they deserve. Using the highly regarded micro suction technique, we have helped countless Australians across the country find some relief from the effects of impacted ear wax. With new clinics opening every day, make an appointment now and come in for a consultation and assessment of your ear wax.

More Information

If you have questions or concerns about your ear health, feel free to contact the friendly Earworx team. We’re more than happy to help answer your questions and to assist you in relieving your ears of uncomfortable, wax-related symptoms.

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