Impacted Ear Wax Removal

Impacted ear wax can cause a lot of problems, ranging from ear pain to hearing loss and even vertigo. If you feel as though you have an ear wax blockage it can be tempting to reach for a cotton bud or other objects in an attempt to clear the ear. Unfortunately some of these home ear wax removal techniques (such as ear candling) can be dangerous and ineffective and may push the wax further into the ear to worsen the impaction and damage the delicate eardrum and canal.

There are two methods of impacted ear wax removal that are recommended by Earworx.

Earworx Professional Earwax Removal Procedure

Earwax Softening Drops

Wax becomes impacted for a variety of reasons. When it builds up within the ear it can become hard and dry. This makes it difficult for the ear to go about its normal self-cleaning process. This process occurs when the fresh soft wax is carried from the inside to the outside of the ear where it can naturally fall out. This process is made possible by jaw movement and the ‘conveyor belt’ motion of the superficial skin layer.

Ear wax softening drops soften hard wax. This can assist the self-cleaning mechanism, helping wax fall out naturally, clearing the blockage. These drops are considered safe because they don’t push wax further into the ear where it can cause damage or worsen symptoms.

There are some limitations with softening drops. Firstly, they don’t always remove large amounts of impacted ear wax from the ear canal. But they are worth a try. At the very least, drops can break the wax down enough to provide temporary relief from symptoms.  Secondly, they can only be used by those with eardrums that are intact; a hole in the eardrum means they cannot be safely used. If you have any other complicated ear history it may also be worth checking with your local health professional to ensure they are appropriate for use.

Ear Wax Softening Drops


The micro-suction technique is capable of safely removing a blockage caused by impacted ear wax. This is how it works:

  • An Earworx registered nurse will have a confidential discussion with you about your symptoms and ear health history
  • An examination will be carried out on your ears. This will be done using a speculum and loupes – a bright light with magnification. This is used to determine whether wax removal is clinically indicated. If the nurses determine wax removal is warranted, the procedure will be explained. We will also provide an opportunity to ask questions
  • Using instruments like curettes and forceps, as well as micro-suction we gently dislodge and then remove impacted ear wax to clear your ears and provide often instant relief from your wax related symptoms

Why Opt for Earworx?

  • Our qualified, registered nurses are experts in the micro-suction technique, impacted ear wax removal and aural care; you are in safe hands.
  • Earworx is a dedicated professional ear wax removal service – this is all we do! That means you’ll benefit from a single-minded approach to quality care
  • We deliver often instant relief from your wax related symptoms such as hearing loss and a feeling of blockage, and the process is gentle and safe
  • One of our branches may be just around the corner. We currently have clinics in Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales, Canberra, Victoria, Western Australia. and new locations are popping up every day.

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