Ear Curette

Ear curetteAt Earworx, we use ear curettes alongside the micro suction technique to safely and gently remove excess earwax for our patients.

What is an Ear Curette?

A curette is a small instrument that can be used to gently “scoop” excess wax out of the ear canal. It is long and skinny, made of medical-grade steel, and specially designed for the purpose of clearing earwax. Curettes are used by our experienced medical professionals who have been trained in earwax removal.

‘Curettage’ is the name of the method of using fine instruments such as a curette. This, in conjunction with micro suction, is the preferred method for Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist doctors.

Why Might You Need an Ear Curette?

Earwax is a naturally occurring substance inside the ears, and normally it exits the ear canal without any intervention. However, sometimes our ears can produce too much earwax, or wax can become trapped inside the ear and become hard and impacted. This can occur when we use hearing aids, go swimming, spend time in dusty environments, or use earphones regularly.

Ear curettes are used to scoop out excess earwax from inside the ear canal. They are especially helpful when the earwax has hardened, which can happen if wax is trapped for a long time or if it gets compressed by attempts to remove it using cotton buds or other instruments. Remember, it is never safe to insert something inside your ears at home. Only trained professionals should use instruments, such as ear curettes, to clean and clear blocked ears.

How Do We Use Ear Curettes at Earworx?

Earworx uses the micro suction technique to remove excess and impacted earwax from the ears of our patients. Micro suction is a completely safe, gentle and dry method for removing earwax. A tiny vacuum sucks wax out of the ear, resulting in blockage free ears.

Sometimes, extremely hard and impacted wax can be difficult to remove with the micro suction tool. For this reason, we recommend that all our patients use earwax softening drops in the days prior to their Earworx appointment so that their wax is soft and easier to remove. However, if some excess wax is trapped inside the ear, our nurses will use ear curettes to gently dislodge and remove the wax.

What is the Earworx Earwax Removal Procedure?

When you make a booking at Earworx, our compassionate and caring nurses will ensure that you feel safe and informed throughout your visit. A typical appointment includes the following steps.

  • Our nurse will take an ear history to learn more about your ears and any problems you are experiencing
  • We will talk to you about your symptoms and if you have done any preparation (e.g. using ear drops) prior to your appointment
  • Our nurse will put on loupes, or special glasses designed to allow them to see the entire ear canal
  • Your ear will be thoroughly examined to check for excess and impacted wax
  • If the nurse determines that a removal is needed, they will explain the entire procedure to you and ask if you have any questions
  • If you are happy to proceed, they will use the micro suction technique and curettes as needed to remove your earwax.

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