Ear Wax and Vertigo

vertigoCan earwax cause vertigo? Wondering if ear wax or blocked ears might be the cause of your dizziness?

How Does Impacted Ear Wax Cause Vertigo?

Vertigo is a feeling of dizziness that gives people a false sensation of movement. Ears are integral to our ability to stay balanced. Blocked ears may cause symptoms of imbalance and dizziness. Understandably, this feeling can be uncomfortable and can be potentially dangerous for people who experience it. It can also lead to people feeling nauseous and vomiting. There are many different causes of vertigo. If you are experiencing these symptoms seek medical assessment and advice. For vertigo caused by wax impaction, your local Earworx Registered Nurse is here to help.

When impacted wax is pushed up against the eardrum it can impact on the signals sent from the ear to the brain which in turn may cause issues with balance.

Elderly people often experience ear wax build-up due to hearing aid usage and not having regular ear cleaning. Vertigo due to wax impaction may make the elderly more susceptible to falls.

Surfers, swimmers, and people who generally spend a lot of time in the water are also known to suffer from impacted ear wax regularly. This is because wax build, when exposed to water may absorb and swell, resulting in an ear wax blockage which may cause vertigo symptoms.

Impacted Ear Wax Symptoms

Other than vertigo, there are many other symptoms which indicate that you might have impacted wax:

  • A feeling of blockage
  • Itchiness
  • Tinnitus, or ringing in your ear
  • You ear feeling like it is full
  • Odour
  • Discharge
  • Hearing loss or everything sounding muffled

Waking with a blocked ear that clears over the course of the morning but re-blocks again overnight is another sign of wax build up. As is an ear that does not drain after swimming or showering.

Alleviating Vertigo by Removing Impacted Ear Wax

If your vertigo is caused by wax build-up, you may need to have your impacted wax removed. An effective and safe method for removal of excess earwax; the method endorsed by Ear Nose and Throat surgeons, is micro-suction and curettage. At Earworx, this procedure is performed by qualified and highly trained Registered Nurses who help to make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.

The process involves small instruments such as curettes and micro-forceps, as well as a gentle suction device (like a tiny vacuum) being used to carefully extract the wax. The nurse performing the procedure uses binocular magnifying glasses fitted with a bright light, to maintain direct vision into your ear canal throughout the entire procedure, enhancing safety.

If vertigo remains after a professional clean, there may be other underlying problems that should be addressed with a health professional.

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