What Questions Should You Ask Ear Wax Removal Providers?

When seeking safe earwax removal services, it is crucial to be well-informed and to choose a provider that prioritises patient safety, comfort, and overall ear health.

Here are some vital questions to ask, along with the professional responses you should expect, to ensure you’re selecting the right service provider for your earwax removal needs.

1. What Method Do You Use for Earwax Removal?

Professional Answer: We use micro-suction for earwax removal, it’s a safe, clean, and precise method, performed by registered nurses, ensuring minimal risk and discomfort.

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2. Is Micro-suction a Safe Earwax Removal Method?

Professional Answer: Absolutely. Micro-suction is considered one of the safest earwax removal methods as it doesn’t involve the introduction of liquid into the ear canal, minimising the risk of infection and avoiding eardrum perforation. For further information, take a look at our recent post: Is Micro-Suction Safe?

3. Are Your Practitioners Certified and Experienced?

Professional Answer: Yes, our earwax removal is performed by Registered Nurses who are highly trained, certified, and experienced in the procedure, helping ensure a high standard of care.

4. What is the Procedure Time for Micro-suction?

Professional Answer: Typically, the micro-suction procedure takes between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the amount and type of wax, offering immediate relief to our patients. In particular instances however, it may take more than 1 appointment.

5. Is there any Preparation Needed Before the Procedure?

Professional Answer: Ideally, a few days before your appointment, use ear drops to soften the wax. This makes the removal process smoother, more comfortable and efficient. If you have a hole in eardrum or grommet, do not use drops.

6. Is the Procedure Painful?

Professional Answer: Most patients find the procedure to be comfortable. You may experience minor discomfort due to the noise of the suction but typically there is no pain involved in safe earwax removal methods like micro-suction. Take a look at our recent blog post for further information: Should Ear Wax Removal Hurt? 

7. What is the Cost of the Procedure?

Professional Answer: The cost can vary, but we provide clear, upfront pricing with no hidden fees, ensuring our patients are well-informed about their investment in their ear health.

8. Is There Any Aftercare Required Post-Procedure?

Professional Answer: Minimal aftercare is needed. We advise avoiding water entering the ear in some cases. Your RN will discuss aftercare with you at the conclusion of your appointment.

9. How Soon Can I Resume Normal Activities After the Procedure?

Professional Answer: You can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. However, as a precautionary measure, avoid exposure to excessive noise for a few hours post-procedure.

10. How Often Should I get an Earwax Removal Procedure Done?

Professional Answer: The frequency of required earwax removal varies among individuals. Some may need it a few times a year, while others may only need it once every few years. Regular check-ups can help in monitoring earwax build-up and deciding the frequency of the removal procedure. Generally, we recommend a 12 monthly visit, or for hearing aid wearers, 6 monthly cleaning.

11. Can I Clean My Ears Myself at Home?

Professional Answer: While there are over-the-counter products available, self-cleaning, especially using cotton swabs, can push the wax deeper and is generally discouraged. Seeking professional advice and services is recommended for safe earwax removal.

12. Do You Provide Consultation and Advice on Ear Care Post-Procedure?

Professional Answer: Yes, we provide detailed advice and consultation on maintaining ear health, preventing excessive wax build-up, and when to seek professional help in the future.


Inquiring about the method, safety, cost, and aftercare of earwax removal is pivotal when selecting a provider. The answers provided should reflect expertise, professionalism, and a patient-centred approach. With micro-suction by the Registered Nurses at Earworx, we care about your well-being and comfort throughout the procedure. Always prioritise knowledgeable and certified providers who are transparent about their services, enabling you to maintain optimal ear health.