Appointment Preparation – How to Soften Earwax

Earclear ear wax removal

Thank you so much for booking an upcoming ear wax cleaning appointment with Earworx. Before our friendly team can help you with your ear wax, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your appointment.

Whilst not essential, softening your ear wax prior to your appointment will help ensure your wax removal procedure is as quick and as gentle as possible, allowing you more time with your Earworx Registered Nurse. Additionally, softening your ear wax before you come in increases the chances the wax will all be removed at the first visit, which will save you from having to come back a second time.

How to Soften Your Ear Wax

We recommend using ear wax softening drops to loosen up your ear wax. Softening drops can be purchased from your local chemist or Earworx clinic. If you are purchasing from the chemist, our softener of choice is ‘Ear Clear’.

What are Softening Drops?

Ear wax softening drops, normally purchased from your local chemist, are used to both soften and disintegrate the wax built up within your ear canal. They are often used in combination with other wax removal techniques, such as irrigation or removal via micro suction and curettage. They are either water based, oil based, or non-oil, non-water based.

How to Use Softening Drops

To soften your ear wax effectively, remember the following:

  1. Start your softening drops 2-3 days before your Earworx appointment
  2. Ear drops should be administered laying down on your side. This allows the drops to penetrate the entire wax plug, as opposed to just the bottom of the wax or not at all if you only tilt your head
  3. Administering right before bed will enable the drops to penetrate into the wax prior to the drops draining out once you are upright again
  4. It is okay to use some cotton wool in the outer ear after administration to keep the drops inside your ear for longer
  5. Do not use a cotton bud to administer. Just follow the instructions on the bottle and drip into the ear. You don’t want to push the wax further down!

To learn more about softening drops and how they work, click here.

If you aren’t able to get your hands on wax softener, you can use 4-6 drops of plain olive oil from your cupboard in each ear for two nights prior to your appointment.

If you have a hole in your ear drum, please do not use drops before your appointment.

Your appointment at Earworx runs for 30 minutes but we acknowledge your time is valuable. Softening your wax prior to your appointment will help us to clear your ears and have you back to enjoying your day as quickly as possible.

If you have further questions about ear wax softening prior to your appointment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local clinic.