Earworx Opens New Clinic in Como, Western Australia

Introducing the latest Earworx clinic in Como, Western Australia! Our latest clinic in WA is located on Ley St, right near Manning Rd in the south of Perth. Our opening hours are Tuesday – 8:00am – 3:30pm, Wednesday – 9:00am – 2:00pm and Friday – 9:00am – 3:30pm, and you can make bookings at our Como clinic starting on the 2nd of June 2021.

The Earworx team are thrilled to be expanding our offering in Western Australia, providing our professional earwax removal service to the residents of Perth. With many clinics around the country, you can trust in the safe and effective earwax removal service offered by Earworx.

Our Como clinic will be staffed by our specially trained registered nurse, Desiree Cowton. Desiree comes to us with a wealth of nursing experience, having worked in hospitals and GP clinics around Perth. She is enthusiastic, dedicated, and sure to make all our patients feel welcome and secure when they visit Earworx Como.

Where Can I Find the Clinic?

We are located at:

57 Ley Street
Como WA 6152

How Can I Make An Appointment?

You can book your appointment via our easy to use online booking system

Otherwise, feel free to contact us directly.
Earwox Como, WA

What’s Involved in the Earworx Procedure?

Earwax is a normal and healthy bodily substance; it traps debris at the entrance to the ear canal and and ensures our ear canals are protected and lubricated. However, when we produce too much earwax or our wax builds up within the ear canal, it can lead to uncomfortable symptoms.

The Earworx procedure is quick, gentle and is the same method used by Ear Nose and Throat specialists across Australia. We use leading-edge micro-suction technology and curettage to remove excess and impacted earwax from patients, without the need for water; this is a dry technique. Our Earworx nurses complete a period of Earworx study and practical training, so you can feel confident you are in safe hands.

When you visit our Como clinic you will complete a questionnaire, then our nurse Desiree will thoroughly examine your ears using special glasses called loupes; a bright light with magnification. If she determines that wax removal is clinically indicated, the procedure will be explained and an opportunity for you to ask questions provided.

Micro-suction is a safe and gentle method which removes wax like a tiny vacuum. The procedure takes only 30 minutes and leaves your ears feeling clear and your hearing restored to pre-wax levels! You don’t need a referral, and if no wax is found in your ears at the time of your appointment, a reduced $60 rate applies.

Symptoms of Excess Earwax

Common symptoms associated with excess or impacted earwax include feelings of discomfort, blockage and fullness. You may experience some itchiness, dizziness, difficulty hearing and ringing in the ears. Patients also often report a Feeling of ears blocking after swimming or showering.

Some people naturally produce more earwax and are susceptible to impacted wax. This can be due to your genetics or the shape of your ear canals. However, there are some lifestyle factors that also contribute to wax build up, including cold water swimming or diving, using cotton buds, earplugs or headphones regularly, or using cotton buds to clean your ears. Even working in dusty or dirty environments can contribute to earwax build up.

Never try to clean your ears yourself using your fingers or a cotton bud! This may make the problem worse by forcing wax deeper into the ear. You can even cause permanent damage! Instead, wipe the wax gently away from the outside of your ear as it emerges naturally, or apply plain olive oil or chemist softening drops to the ears to encourage removal.

Better still, if you are experiencing symptoms of excess earwax, book an appointment with us today so we can safely and effectively assess and then remove your built-up wax if required.

Why Choose Us

  • Our nurses are specially-trained to assess and manage your earwax
  • We use micro-suction, a safe and effective method for wax removal
  • Our process is gentle and water free.