Earworx Opens New Clinic in Adelaide CBD, South Australia

We are thrilled to announce that we have opened our new Earworx Clinic in South Australia, in the central hub of Adelaide. Our Wakefield Street clinic will offer a convenient option for people living and working in the city to access quick, gentle and pain-free extraction of excess and impacted ear wax.

Co-located with Wakefield Medical Clinic at 262 – 300 Wakefield St, close to Adelaide Botanic Garden, this new clinic will complement our first South Australian location in Rosewater.

Our safe and effective earwax removal method utilises micro-suction technology to gently remove excess wax from the ears.

Earworx Adelaide CBD

Where Can I Find the Clinic?

Co-located with Wakefield Medical Clinic
262-300 Wakefield Street
Adelaide SA 5000 

How Can I Make An Appointment?

You can book your appointment via our easy-to-use online booking system below or call 1800 327 967.


What’s Involved in the Earworx Procedure?

Earwax plays an important role in our ear health. As part of their self-cleaning process, earwax forms in the outer part of the ear canal, creating a barrier against infection and preventing debris from entering the ear. Without earwax, dirt, dust and foreign bodies could enter our ears and damage our delicate and sensitive ear drums.

However, sometimes we can produce an excess of earwax, or it may become hard and impacted inside of the ear. When wax builds up and starts to cause uncomfortable or painful symptoms, wax removal is clinically indicated. Excess and impacted ear wax can result in symptoms such as itching, loss of hearing, a blocked feeling, and even dizziness or vertigo. It is important that this wax is removed so that you can enjoy better ear health.

Earworx use the same microsuction technology preferred by Ear Nose and Throat specialist doctors. Microsuction is gentle, safe, and is also water free. This dry technique makes it appropriate for people with ear infections and other complications.

When you visit our Adelaide clinic, our Registered Nurses will take excellent care of your ears and thoroughly explain the Earworx process. We begin by carefully examining your ears using loupes, which allow us to view inside the inner ear. If a removal procedure is required, they will gently extract the excess wax using micro suction. This method acts like a tiny vacuum to remove wax. The appointment takes just 30 minutes and is highly effective.

Symptoms of Excess Earwax

How do you know if you require an earwax removal procedure? Some of the symptoms associated with impacted or excess earwax include an uncomfortable, blocked feeling in your ears, a bit like when you feel like your ears need to ‘pop’ on an aeroplane. They might be itchy or even painful. Some people hear a ringing sound that no one else can hear. You might find it more difficult to hear than usual. Impacted wax can even cause serious problems like dizziness and vertigo as our ears play an important role in our balance.

Some people are predisposed to producing excess earwax through genetics, but for most people, there are ways to avoid developing excess and impacted earwax. Some activities that can contribute to earwax problems include: using headphones too often or for too long; swimming and diving; spending a lot of time in dirty and dusty environments; and using hearing aids.

If you suspect you are suffering from built-up earwax and are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, contact us for an appointment today.

Why Choose Us

  • Our earwax removal method is pain-free, quick and reliable
  • Our Registered Nurses are trained and highly qualified in ear care
  • If no wax is found in your ears at the time of your appointment, a reduced rate applies.