Earworx Director’s Achievements Celebrated in Nurse Click

The story of Earworx Director, Lisa Hellwege’s journey into the micro suction and curettage field has been explained and celebrated in the respected nursing journal, Nurse Click. The article runs through her nursing experiences, from when she finished her nursing degree in 1994, until today.

Lisa graduated from the University of Tasmania and moved to Brisbane to undertake a graduate program at the Princess Alexandria Hospital. She worked happily in Brisbane in a range of areas, including for a pharmaceutical company, before the terror of the 2011 Brisbane floods struck.

We had been planning a move back to Tassie the following year. I saw the mud and the sadness in people’s faces alongside the subsequent devastation created by this silent event, and I felt the call to move home. My mother offered us her home for as long as we needed – it was a relief to arrive back in Hobart to the bright colours and friendly faces,” Lisa explained.

During her time working in the Ear Nose and Throat Outpatient Clinic at the Royal Hobart Hospital, Lisa observed the micro suction and cutterage technique being used for earwax removal. She felt there was a gap in the market in this area, and it gave her cause to start creating a business plan.

In the article, Lisa explains how difficult it was to take the leap and start her own business, and all the hurdles she had to jump on the way. The article also goes into depth about the various codes, standards and guidelines to which Lisa must adhere to ensure her business was, and remains, compliant.

Despite the challenges, Lisa has never looked back since opening Earworx. Her story is one of perseverance and passion for engaging in the things you love and working hard to achieve goals.

My humble advice, for anyone with a desire to give and an idea is to back yourself. Do your numbers and don’t rush to ‘give up your day job’ before you have some small successes. Work methodically, believe in yourself and your skills, and get out there and do something for you, your family and your community!”

Earworx Nurse Click

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