Before Your Appointment

Did you know there are things that you can do before you come into an Earworx professional ear wax removal clinic to help ensure the ear wax removal is successful? You can help your friendly Earworx nurse by softening the wax in your ears before your appointment. This can dramatically improve the speed and comfort of the micro suction process.

What is an ear wax softener?

You can soften your ear wax by using ear wax softening drops (also known as ear wax softener or ear wax removal drops) from your local chemist or supermarket.

Ear Wax Softening Drops

How do ear wax softeners work?

 Ear wax softening drops will soften the wax, as well as lubricating it a little. When used in conjunction with micro suction, it is an extremely effective method for remedying blocked ears.

Why soften?

If you only have a small amount of wax, softening drops may give you some symptom relief, and in some cases may completely remedy symptoms caused by a minor ear wax build up. If you have a lot of wax and you are experiencing some pain and discomfort, softening can provide temporary relief from these symptoms before your Earworx appointment, and of course, as mentioned above, softening your ear wax will help your Earworx nurse remove your wax gently and painlessly.

How to Use Ear Wax Drops

It is important to administer your drops safely. Here are our top tips for correctly applying softening drops prior to your appointment:

  • Begin using drops 2-3 days out from your appointment to get the best results
  • Lie on your side to administer the drops, allowing them to penetrate through the blockage rather than sitting on the surface of the ear wax
  • Use the drops prior to bedtime and place a cotton ball in your ear to keep the drops in. This is a great way to allow for maximum penetration of the wax while you sleep. 

Pre-appointment FAQs

Who is the procedure suitable for?

Micro suction is suitable for those with an overproduction of earwax, perforated ear drums, hearing aid users, all ear canal shapes and sizes, diabetics, and those with skin conditions or prior ear surgery.

Do I need a referral?

No, referrals are not necessary to book an appointment.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, but if your case is urgent, please give us a call so we can endeavour to see you as soon as possible. We have a cancellation list where we call people if an appointment becomes available.

Is there anyone you don’t treat?

For safety reasons, Earworx does not treat children under four years old, those who have undergone mastoid surgery, and those with complex ear histories. If you are unsure whether you’re eligible for treatment, give our friendly team a call to discuss.

What does it cost?

You can find your local clinic pricing here. Concession rates are available. If no wax is found in your ears at the time of your appointment, a reduced $60 rate applies.

Do I receive a rebate from Medicare or my health?

Fees are not rebatable through Medicare. Members of St Luke’s Health Insurance and Health Care Insurance (depending on your level of cover) are eligible for a significant rebate.

Further Information

For further information, simply contact our friendly team: