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The article explains how and why Lisa founded Earworx in 2016. Only a couple of years ago, Lisa was an overworked, tired registered nurse. She constantly felt run down and had too little time to spend with her family and friends. While she loved helping people, the heavy workload and long hours associated with a career in nursing were really taking a toll on Lisa.

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Luckily, after working with some Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, Lisa identified a gap in the market: safe, effective, professional earwax removal. Not long after, she established Earworx, with her partner Scott Marston. She now has more work-life balance, and plenty of time to spend with her loved ones.

“So many nurses struggle to find the balance between spending quality time with their families, pursuing their love for nursing and of course, paying the bills,” said Lisa. “Instead of having to dread the next night shift, Earworx offers nurses normal work hours, a friendly and welcoming working environment and the opportunity to use their skills independently to find that equilibrium.”

The article goes on to detail the success that Earworx has enjoyed over the last two years. On the back of this success, Lisa and her partner Scott are set to expand the business across Australia. Franchises will be operated nationally by specially trained, registered nurses. Lisa hopes to help other registered nurses (who may be experiencing the same heavy workload and long hours she was) by enabling them to establish their own Earworx franchise.

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