Earworx Opens New Clinic in Kelvin Grove, Queensland

Please note, our Kelvin Grove clinic is now closed but you can visit us at our Chermside clinic, a short 20 minute drive north co-located with Chermside Medical Centre, 2/956 Gympie Road, Chermside QLD 4032.

Earworx is expanding into Queensland with a new clinic in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. The clinic, just three kilometres north of central Brisbane, is easy to get to and will help us to service the wider Brisbane community by providing them with access to our safe and effective earwax removal technique.

Our newest clinic has operating hours of 9am to 5pm, Thursday to Friday. The clinic is on Kelvin Grove Rd, just a three minute drive off the Inner City Bypass and close to the Queensland University of Technology Kelvin Grove campus.

The clinic will be operated by our qualified nurse, Julie Alexander. Julie is a highly-skilled nurse with over fifteen years’ experience working in healthcare. She is a local of the northern Brisbane area and already well known within the community. Julie is passionate about creating a positive experience for everyone visiting the clinic, and her calm and caring demeanour is loved and appreciated by all her patients.


Where Can I Find The Clinic?

We are now co-located at:

Chermside Medical Centre, 2/956 Gympie Road, Chermside QLD 4032

How Can I Make An Appointment?

We have an easy online booking system to help you book an appointment.


You can also contact us directly via phone:

Phone: 1800 327 967

What Should I Expect When I Visit An Earworx Clinic?

Earworx use micro-suction to safely and gently remove excess earwax from the ear canal. Micro-suction is a safe and effective method that is the preferred treatment option of Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists. It is completely painless for the patient and only takes half an hour to complete. Micro-suction is a dry technique, so there is no water involved in the wax removal.

The procedure begins with a thorough examination of your ears. To do this, Julie will wear ‘loupes’, or binocular glasses with a bright light attached, which help her see inside the ear and visualise the ear canal and ear drum more clearly. This means your inner ear is always safe during the procedure. If Julie decides that it is necessary to manually remove your earwax, she will begin the micro-suction process. This involves a very small micro-suction catheter attached to suction tubing being inserted into your ear canal to extract the earwax, a bit like a vacuum.

How Do I Know If I Require Earwax Removal?

When we have too much earwax in our ears it can be very uncomfortable and even debilitating. You may be suffering from excess or impacted wax if you feel like your ears are full or blocked, you’re finding it more difficult to hear, or if you’re experiencing pain or itchiness. While some amount of wax is normal and important for ear health, a build-up can result in problems. Activities that put us at risk of developing excess wax include swimming or diving, working in dirty and dusty environments, or wearing hearing aids or earphones for extended periods of time. You can also be genetic predisposed to excess earwax.

Removing earwax at home using cotton buds or similar methods often makes the problem worse and can seriously damage the ear canal and ear drum. Please don’t try to remove excess wax yourself. If you’re experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, book an appointment with us. If no excess wax is found in your ears during the appointment, a 50% reduced rate will apply.