Earworx Opens New Clinic in Cairns, Queensland

Please note, our Cairns clinic is now co-located with Cairns West Medical Centre, 1/70 Anderson Street, Manunda, QLD 4870

We are thrilled to announce that a fourth Earworx clinic will be opening in Queensland – this time in Cairns. The clinic is conveniently located in the heart of the city and just five minutes from Cairns’ esplanade.

The clinic’s operating hours will be Monday, Thursday and Friday 9am – 5pm.

The nurse looking after our patients at the Cairns clinic will be Jayne Moore. Jayne’s extensive background in nursing covers multiple countries and decades. Certified as an RN in the UK in the mid-eighties, her education continued to include Coronary Care Nursing at Leeds University, a Certificate in Contemporary NZ Nursing Practice through EIT NZ and most recently an Immunisation Program in Toowoomba.

Jayne provides advanced nursing knowledge and clinical direction to health care providers across Cairns, the Hinterlands and Torres Strait Hospital and Health Services. She has been an integral part of providing immunisations across Cairns High Schools as well as primary health care to patients from infants to the elderly.

With over three decades of experience, Jayne is a stellar addition to the Earworx team and we are privileged to have such a compassionate and dedicated nurse treating our clients.


Where Can I Find the Cairns Clinic?

The clinic is co-located with Cairns West Medical Centre,

1/70 Anderson Street,
Manunda, QLD 4870

How Can I Make an Appointment?

With our online booking system, you can book an appointment at any hour of the day.


Otherwise, feel free to contact us at:

How the Earworx Procedure Works

Earwax removal is the core of our business, which means you are in the safe and capable hands of nurses who gently remove excess earwax from patients’ ears on a daily basis. We use micro-suction and curettage techniques that are endorsed by Ears, Nose and Throat specialists as the safest and most effective method for earwax removal.

When you visit our Cairns Central Plaza clinic, our nurse will first examine your ears to determine that earwax removal is clinically necessary. If so, you will have the chance to ask any questions about the procedure beforehand.

Using magnifying glasses fitted with a bright light, known as ‘loupes’, our nurse will carefully observe your ear canal throughout the procedure to ensure the extraction is completely safe. A tiny catheter attached to suction tubing is inserted into your ear and functions like a gentle vacuum that extracts impacted earwax.

Earwax removal has never been easier. You can book an appointment at our Cairns clinic without a referral and the entire appointment can take as little as half an hour. The techniques we use as well as the extensive experience of our nurses ensure that the procedure is both quick and painless.

Symptoms of Built-Up Earwax

Pain, coughing, dizziness, odour, itching, tinnitus or muffled hearing can all be symptoms of blocked ears. You are more likely to develop blocked ears if you:

  • Swim or dive regularly
  • Use a hearing aid
  • Wear earphones frequently
  • Work in a dusty or dirty environment
  • Suffer from stress
  • Attempt at-home ear cleaning with cotton buds or other objects

It is also possible to have a genetic predisposition that causes you to overproduce earwax. Having narrow, bendy or hairy ear canals can also lead to earwax becoming impacted more easily.

The solution to your uncomfortable symptoms could be as simple as an appointment at our Cairns Central Plaza clinic. Find out today by booking in your visit.

Why Choose Us

  • If no wax is found in your ears at the time of your appointment, a reduced $60 rate applies.
  • Our nurses are well trained in earwax removal using micro-suction technology and continue to gain experience on a daily basis.
  • We use a ‘dry’ earwax removal method that, unlike other methods such as water syringing, is safe for those taking blood thinners or those with diabetics, a perforated eardrum or depressed immune system.