Earworx Opens New Clinic in Rosewater in Adelaide, South Australia

We are excited to announce the opening of our first Earworx Clinic in South Australia.

The latest Earworx clinic will be in Rosewater in Adelaide, South Australia.

Co-located in Grand Health Medical Centre, on Grand Junction Rd, this new clinic will serve the people of Adelaide and will bring our amazing earwax removal service to South Australia for the first time.

Recommended by the experts in ear health, our safe and effective earwax removal method utilises micro-suction technology to gently remove excess wax from the ears. Our professional and experienced Registered Nurse, Melissa Day, will work with patients to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of earwax impaction and blocked ears. With specialised training in micro suction and a background in patient education, Melissa is passionate about ensuring all her patients feel safe, comfortable and informed whilst in her care.

Where Can I Find the Clinic?

We are located at:
156A Grand Junction Road
Rosewater, South Australia, 5013

How Can I Make An Appointment?

You can book your appointment via our easy-to-use online booking system or call 1800 327 967.

New Clinic Rosewater in Adelaide, SA

What’s Involved in the Earworx Procedure?

Earwax plays an important role in our ear health. It protects our inner ear and ear drums from foreign objects and anything that could damage this sensitive part of the body. However, sometimes we can produce too much earwax, or it may become hard and stuck inside the ear. When this happens, it can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful, resulting in symptoms such as itching, loss of hearing, a blocked feeling, and even dizziness or vertigo. 

Earworx have been performing their specialised micro suction procedure on patients around Australia for six years. We use the same technology preferred by Ear Nose and Throat specialist doctors, which is a water free, dry technique, to gently and safely clear and clean the ears.

When you visit our Rosewater clinic, our nurse Melissa will carefully examine your ears using special glasses, called loupes, that allow her to view inside the inner ear. If the earwax removal procedure is required, Melissa will gently remove the excess wax using micro suction, which acts like a tiny vacuum to suck wax away. In most cases, the appointment takes just 30 minutes and is suitable for children and those with ear infections and other health problems.

Symptoms of Excess Earwax

Excess ear wax and blockages can be quite uncomfortable. You might experience symptoms such as a blocked feeling in your ears, or a sense that they are full. Some people hear a ringing sound, or will struggle to hear. In more serious cases, impacted wax can cause significant pain, dizziness, and vertigo.

There are a range of reasons why we can develop excessive earwax that can contribute to ear wax blockages. Some of the reasons include: overuse of headphones, swimming, diving and spending a lot of time in dirty and dusty environments. Some people are predisposed to producing excess earwax through genetics, or they may have trouble with impacted earwax due to the narrow shape of their ear canal.

It is important that if you do experience blocked ears, that you don’t try to clear them yourself. Using cotton buds can push wax further into the ear, which can increase your symptoms or may damage your ear drum.

Instead, book an appointment with Earworx today to safely and effectively remove your built-up earwax.

Why Choose Us

  • Our Registered Nurses are experts in ear care and trained in micro-suction wax removal
  • Our earwax removal method is pain-free, quick and reliable
  • We use the earwax removal technology preferred by ENT doctors.