Ear Wax Removal Products

If you’re looking into ear wax removal products, there really is only one product you need to know about. You may have relied on home methods in the past, but these can be ineffective and on occasion, even dangerous. Candles, cotton tips, fingers and other techniques don’t remove wax. In most cases, they push the wax further into the ear canal where it hardens and becomes impacted.

The only product recommended by health professionals are earwax softening drops, which can additionally be combined with micro-suction and curettage in cases of incomplete removal for a gentle and effective means of removing built up earwax.

Ear Wax Softening Drops

What Are Earwax Softening Drops?

A common cause of blocked ears is wax that has become impacted and can’t fall out naturally. Healthy ears are self-cleaning, and the wax naturally dries up and falls out with the assistance of jaw movement.

In minor cases of earwax build up leading to blockage, earwax drops soften the wax so that the usual self-cleaning method can take place again. This is much safer than using methods that involve placing anything inside the delicate ear canal.

While this method is perfectly safe, it’s not suitable for all ears. If the ear drum is perforated, or if you’ve had surgery on your ears you should seek advice prior to using drops.

How Does Micro-Suction Work?

Micro-suction is the ear wax softening procedure used by ENT specialists. It removes blockages gently thanks to micro-suction technology – also used by registered nurses at Earworx clinics. The procedure runs as follows should you attend at Earworx clinic for wax removal:

  • A registered nurse will ask about your ear history, as well as any symptoms you have experienced.
  • Your ear canal and drum will be checked by the nurse using a speculum and loupes. If there is enough wax to warrant the micro-suction procedure, wax removal with be recommended. The procedure will be explained in detail, and you will be offered an opportunity to ask any questions.
  • Small instruments like forceps and curettes will be used to remove blockages, with the help of gentle micro-suction.

Why Opt for Earworx?

  • You will be looked after by registered nurses who are qualified specialists in Micro Suction and Aural Hygiene.
    We are dedicated to this process, it’s our core business so you will benefit from the expertise you can only get from experts in their field.
  • The process is delicate and pain-free, and patients report almost instant relief from blockages.
  • We have clinics in Tasmania, Sydney, Queensland, Canberra, Victoria, Western Australia and we’re expanding every day. Check our locations page to see if there’s a clinic close to you.

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