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What is Micro-Suction?

At Earworx, we use micro-suction as it is a safe and effective way of removing impacted earwax. Our qualified, registered nurses use curettage and micro-suction techniques to gently remove earwax, relieving you from the discomfort of blocked ears. But what is micro-suction? Here’s everything you need to know about it to relieve any anxiety you

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Which Ear Wax Removal Tools Actually Work?

If you’ve ever suffered from a blocked ear, then you can relate to the feeling of desperation many people experience; wanting to clear their ears any way possible. People are willing to do almost anything to clear their blocked ears and restore their hearing, but many of the techniques and tools which are available to

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What is the best remedy for a blocked ear?

Blocked ears can cause quite a lot of discomfort. The good news is that there are simple and effective methods to relieve unwanted symptoms. Not all blocked ear treatments are safe for you to perform on yourself at home however and some ‘home remedies’ can risk further damage to your ears, or make your symptoms

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New Earworx Clinic opening for Erina
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Earworx Opens New Clinic in Erina, New South Wales

Earworx is proud to announce the opening of our new clinic in Erina on New South Wales’ Central Coast! We’re co-located with Health HQ in Palm Court at 172 The Entrance Road. Come and visit us for professional and effective earwax removal services, Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. The opening of the Erina

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The Earworx Erina clinic is conveniently Co-Located with Health HQ, Shop 16, Palm Court, 172 The Entrance Road, Erina NSW 2250

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The Earworx Glendale clinic is conveniently located at H+ Consulting Suites, Crossroads Medical Centre
Suite 5, 334-342 Lake Road
Glendale NSW 2285

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The Earworx Townsville clinic is conveniently located at 12 – 16 Fulham Road, Pimlico QLD 4812

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